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January 30, 2010
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Athlete Harper wants to battle by Toastbat Athlete Harper wants to battle by Toastbat
MY CHARACTER FOR *PCBC!!! I am so excite! Also prepare for tl;dr, guys.

If you want to know more about her pokémon in detail, you'll have to go to my scraps. Each one has it's own large image and detailed description!!

The sprite up there in the corner is by my friend Molly (~KillingQueens). Now I just need to finish my intro comic!


Name: Yurie Harper (goes by "Harper")
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Home Town: Ecruteak City, Johto
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs (all muscle, baby)
Friends: Dino
Likes: friends, sports, jogging, ghosts, pokémon with sharp teeth, scaring people (like Dino), fishing, exploring, winning, Pokéthlon, lying/bluffing
Dislikes: fashion, losing, cutesy pokémon with no teeth, losing, couch potatoes, cowards, losing, losing, LOSING, being lied to

Yurie (who prefers to go by her last name, Harper) is a tomboy from Ecruteak City and the daughter of wealthy human physician Maxwell Harper and Ghost-type researcher Rose Harper. Max and Rose met in Lilycove City in Hoenn while Max was finishing residency and Rose was studying the Ghosts of Mount Pyre. They were soon married and moved into an old, large house in Ecruteak City so that Rose could study along with the Ghost type gym leader there.

So, Harper grew up in a house constantly filled with ghost type pokémon, both wild and those belonging to her mother. Because of this, she's quite... well, strange. She is not easily frightened and likes to sneak up on people and scare them. She is also quite loud, obnoxious and easily angered. She loves to win more than anything, whether it be in battles, contests or the Pokéthlon. Despite her tomboyish and jock-like nature, she's actually very intelligent and often plans things several steps in advance. She also adapts well to situations, using intellect and odd creativity to solve problems. She does get moody, though, and when she is angry, she stays angry for a long time. And like the ghost pokémon she grew up with, she holds grudges.

Her true love is not actually battles, but the Pokéthlon. Therefore, she and all of her pokémon are in very good physical condition. And only rarely does she back down from a challenge. She also only trains pokémon with sharp teeth, because of her own strange fangs.

Harper has naturally slitted pupils and sharp fangs. Hell, why not, people in the pokémon world have naturally green hair. She uses these rather creepy features, in tandem with her creepy contacts and bluffs, to intimidate her opponents. She is, however, very friendly, and always seeks new friendships wherever she goes.

And then will never leave you alone ever.

Just ask Dino.

Battle Style:
Even though she is more of a Pokéthlon girl, her battling skills are fairly top rate. Her general strategy is to strike hard and fast and finish quickly. But this is only generally. Her Sableye, Gemineye, for example, attacks with a very Toxic Staller strategy. While she is all hugs and fairly obnoxious, pointy toothed sunshine to opponent's pokémon when out of battle, she is ruthless and merciless in battle, not afraid to injure the other person's pokémon if that's what it takes to win.



:star-empty:In Party :star-empty:

:pokeball:Charcoal / Shiny Charizard (more info here [link] )
Fight Style: Rough, powerful, lots of flying. Protective of Harper.
Female • Serious nature • Blaze • Premier Ball w/ Smoke and Flame seals
Fly / Flamethrower / Dragonbreath / Protect

:pokeball:Gemineye "Gemmy" / Sableye (more info here [link] )
Fight Style: Sneaky, annoying, lots of dodging, uses her scarf as extra limbs
Female • Quirky nature • Keen Eye • Dusk Ball
Toxic / Torment / Recover / Shadow Claw

:pokeball:Kudzu / Ivysaur (more info here [link] )
Fight Style: Lazy, vengeful, more of a contest pokémon (but not to be underestimated)
Female • Adamant nature • Overgrow • Nest Ball w/ Flower Petal seals
Energy Ball / Giga Drain / Grasswhistle / Power Whip

:pokeball:Thrasher / Sharpedo (more info here [link] )
Fight Style: Strong, wise, uses mostly ranged attacks, not easily angered
Male • Bold nature • Rough Skin • Dive Ball
Surf / Crunch / Ice Beam / Zen Headbutt

:pokeball:Flieger / Gliscor (more info here [link] )
Fight Style: HUGE showoff, silly, somewhat clumsy and stupid, SPARKLY... but when he gets serious, it's on
Male • Brave nature • Sand Veil • Heal Ball w/ Heart and Star seals
Earthquake / Aerial Ace / Sandstorm / Swords Dance

:pokeball:Pokémon Egg
A medium-large oval-shaped egg that looks like it's made of stone. Gemmy likes to try and eat it; Charcoal is protective of it and usually lays the smackdown on Gemy when she tries to eat it. What kind of pokémon could be in this egg...?

:star-empty: Alternates / In Box: :star-empty:

:pokeball:Pandora / Crobat (more info here [link] )
Fight Style: Jealous, vain, likes to show off and really likes to bite. She wants to be a beauty queen.
Female • Sassy nature • Inner Focus • Dusk Ball w/ Heart seals
Brave Bird / Cross Poison / Hypnosis / Giga Drain
**Also uses something like Captivate

:pokeball:Rampage "Paige" / Gyarados (koi) (more info here [link] )
Fight Style: rather cowardly, doesn't like to get her "hands" dirty, fierce is backed into a corner
Female • Gentle nature • Intimidate • Pokéball w/ Bubble seals
Dragon Dance / Waterfall / Icy Wind / Hyper Beam
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freeza-frost May 3, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
harper's so cute n boyish! and yay for bi and muscles!
BS--Comics Apr 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay athlete/trainer! I like the team!
I love it! Go kick ass!
I LOVE this team! <3 And Harper isn't too shabby, either! <3

--hugs Harper, then glomps Thrasher and Gemmy-- n3n
that a pokeydex on her arm? O:
It's her Pokégear! It has her pokedex, her phone numbers... all kinds of stuff. You don't have to draw it if you don't want to though.
ok that's good ^_^

Did I draw her correctly?
Hmm, I really like her design, she seems fun. Good luck!
Genius. OC trainers with contacts FTW! ^^ I do like your interpretations of pokes, especially your Gyarados. I love Gyarados! (hopefully) see you in there!
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